Katya And Dragon Blow Condoms

Let me introduce you new model – Alisa Dragon. She has dragon tattoo, as you will see in next clips. Now Dragon blows condom first time. It is funny!

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Nathalie Sits, Katya Blows

Katya blows the balloon under her girlfriend Nathalie. Nathalie has fun and riding on the balloon.

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Katya B2P Olympic45

Katya blows to pop amazing olympic 45′ balloon! It becomes larger then she! Short version. Bestseller!

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Exclusive Long Version

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Nathalie B2P Clear 16″

Nathalie received a gift. She was very happy and wanted to blow big clear balloon. It popped of course ))

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Katya B2P Blue Balloon

Katya in socks blows to pop blue balloon in the New Year night. Russian pop singers sing on TV and many red balloons flying above crowd of fans… Katya is happy ))

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