Custom Video

Price for custom video depends on:

1) Video time. It costs €10 per minute. Minimum time is 5 minutes.
2) Selfie video: €5 per minute.
3) Studio or pool rent: €50.
4) Guest models: €50 for every girl.
5) Props cost. If I don’t have i’ll buy. If i destsroy my props i’ll buy new.
6) Fees. Because of Paypal convertation and fee I take 10% extra money from every order.

I don’t do exclusive videos. All videos I will sell in my clipstore.

For ordering custom video feel free to write me on Facebook or VK and email

11 thoughts on “Custom Video”

  1. I would like to get a custom video of old soft helium balloons popping. I would like to see you walking around with the old balloons and do a few squeeze to the balloons to see how soft it is and to see the wrinkles for teasing before you pop it with you’re nails.

    I like when it’s super soft balloons ! like the one you see at car dealerships 2 weeks after they put it outside. email me if you want to see a picture of how old the balloons need to looks like

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